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Thursday, January 13, 2011

2nd Semester Plans

This year I broke our school year up into 4 quarters. Each consisting of 9 weeks. So we school 9 weeks and then take 1-2 weeks off.

Right now these are our plans for units the next two quarters. (And of course some may change a little if I cannot get the books on time.) This will end our 2010-2011 Unit Studies, and hopefully the kids will be finished with their LA and Math curriculum in May. If not they will continue those subjects on into the summer break.

Week of:

Jan 10- Australia
Jan 17- Australia continued
Jan 24 Snowflake Bentley
Jan 31 Austria Using books-MTH Moonlight on a Magic Flute, Beethoven Lives Upstairs, Mozart Makes a Melody.
Feb 5 France (Night of the New Magicians)
Feb 14 Cranberry Valentine
Feb 21 Germany-Odd Boy Out (Life of Albert Einstein.)
Feb 28 Germany -Bach's Big Adventure
March 7 Ireland-Leprechauns in Late Winter
Spring Break

4th Quarter Units
March 21 England -Stage Fright on a Summer Night
March 28 Italy Monday With a Mad Genius (Leonardo DaVinci)
April 4 Turkey-The Hungry Coat, Goha, the wise fool, Nabeel's New Pants
April 11 MBU- Season of the Sandstorms, One City Two Brothers, The Three Princes
April 18th The Secret Seder
April 25 Israel -MBU First Rain, Samir and Yonatan, The Two Brothers, Sitties Secrets
May 2 Africa -Good Morning Gorillas
May 8 South America -The Frog with the Big Mouth, Tonight is Carnaval
May 16th Homer Price (Beyond FIAR)