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Monday, January 17, 2011

Australia Study

Here is a record of what we have done in our Australia study. We are using several resources for this study. A few things I added in and other things were listed in the Expedition Australia Unit or at HSS. I used many components of the Australia lapbook there. They also have lapbooks on marsupials, the coral reef, a platypus lapbook. (Which we may do later, but not now.) I felt that much of the info there was more in line with my plans for the unit. I also like the fact that everything is accessible in the lapbook from one common site page. It was very easy to pull up and print everything that I wanted off in a matter of minutes.

In Expedition Australia the first day covered a review of continents, what a continent is, the barrier reef, and a few other things. The biggest issue I had today was that I do not have any of the recommended books from my library. They are now in, so hopefully dh can make it to the library tomorrow to get them for me.

Last night I pulled out a game I bought last year called Map Tangle and had the kids locate Australia and New Zealand. They also played for a while and really enjoyed it.

So Monday we located Australia on a map, covered the different areas of Australia and talked about the terrain. We also learned that about 80 percent of the people live in the area between Brisbane and Adeline, and in Perth. So that leaves the other 90 percent of Australia home to 20% of the population. (Wow!)

We read chapters 1 and 2 of Dingos at Dinnertime (MTH). The kids love these books.
BTW have you checked out the new interactive MTH site. I went there last night to get
the normal printables I use and found this instead. I still haven't figured out how to get
the printables. But they can travel on journeys with Jack and Annie and earn Medallions.

We also watched the Rescuers Down Under.
(And Nemo a over Christmas Break.)

We also completed these lapbooks. Where is Australia-by Lexi. Peyton did the Areas page.

Lexi did the flag mini book.

My forum friend Kendra lives in Australia and she just posted about some animals
they saw on their last camp out. The kids and I enjoyed reading their story and seeing the amazing pics. Now the kids want to go to Australia.


My Father's World and Special Wonders are recommended resources for GTG. So I already had these on hand. The Trail Guide was a little something else I picked up for Peyton to use in conjunction with GTG. (But today was really the first time I used it.) We did Australia lessons 1 and 2 today. It had us locate which Tropic it was near, name the 3 deserts in Western Australia, locate and name the oceans around Australia.

In My Father's World we read Kathryn of Australia. (A short story about a girl who sees a koala.) And In Special Wonders we read about Koalas. It has several Australian animals in the book. We also did some lapbooking that I will include in my next update.


We read about the Great Barrier Reef. We watched this youtube video showing different areas of Australia. (Beautiful) . We saw images of the Twelve Apostles . We looked at the Murray-Darling River System. We did an Australian slang mini book. Lexi drew a picture of Ayers Rock.

Peyton reading MTH Dingos at Dinner Time to Lexi.

Lexi's drawing of Ayers Rock
Lexi's Koala Drawing
Thursday we learned about different Australian Animals
and did some slang mini books.

Friday we read about Wombats and Peyton did
a mini book about them.

These are some of the other mini books we did. Kangaroo facts. Look what
came from Australia, Wombat facts and What time is it.
You could leave Australia on Tuesday and get to Tennessee on Monday.
Talk about Jet Lag, I guess it would be the opposite?

Our Anzac biscuits. Pretty good, pretty gooey.

We will finish up tomorrow with these books and learning about
Tasmanian Devils.
Overall it was a great study we all learned a lot. There were many interesting things to learn about. Animals, the land, the ocean etc. One of my favorites thus far!