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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Beth Moore Daniel Study Week 1

Daniel Leader Guide: Lives of Integrity, Words of Prophecy [Book]

This was the first week of our Daniel study. Wow, what can I say. She spent a whole hour on chapter 1. I read through a few chapters the other day and God showed me some really neat things. But wow, she really had a lot of insights to share.

She talked about the fact that God had originally sent Abram out from Babel (Ur of the Chaldeans) was Babel. The great sin of Babel (Babylon) was their rebellion against God. They wanted to build a tower, to make a name for THEMSELVES, so that they would not be scattered over the earth.
God had commanded men to be fruitful and multiply and to fill the earth.

So now the land of Judah is taken into captivity and sent back to Babel. (The land God wanted them to leave.) Satan wants to return us to places God has called us out of. He wants to return us to our captivity.

She also spoke about how Daniel would not be influenced by the culture of Babylon. He instead influenced it. (And that is how we are supposed to be-as Christians in the world.) He would set himself apart-unto God.

She compared Babylon to the world we live in. Every luxury was given, over indulgence and an "all about me attitude." Beauty, youth and intelligence were important then and esteemed.
(And we see that in our culture today-Youth, beauty and intelligence are sought after and we are actually compared by it in our culture.)

Daniel and 3 other friends decided to keep God's commands and not defile themselves with the kings foods, and luxuries. But how may other people that had left Judah allowed the culture
of Babylon to infiltrate and indoctrinate them? They became part of Babylon. Daniel lived in Babylon all his life. (It mentions that he lived there until the reign of King Cyrus.)

For Daniel and his friends to eat from the King's table wasn't just about the food it was considered a sharing of friendship. (It was a covenant of significance-communion.)

Her challenge was to consider the following: Do we influence our culture more than it influences us? Do we have an "it's all about me attitude"? Do we overindulge? Not just in food, but spending, media, entertainment?

It is a lot to think about and she challenged us to restraint. Even though we are free, can we for a time restrain ourselves? From rich foods, over spending, watching too much tv, etc.

I am excited about learning more as we journey through the book of Daniel.