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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Expedition Australia

Well it is time to start school again. We have had a nice 2 weeks off for Christmas break.
We will be beginning this semester, Monday, in the land down under with Expedition Australia. I am excited about trying one of the Download and Go studies from Amanda Bennett. I also had the pleasure of getting to meet her and her husband at the Cincinnati Homeschool Convention last April. They were really great people to get to know. Very warm and down to earth.

We have used many different types of unit studies in the past. We began when Peyton was in Kindergaren, the first 3 years we used FIAR, and HomeschoolShare, and this year began using Galloping the Globe, along with many of the lapbooking components of HSS. )

I actually considered doing reviews for TOS last year, and they sent this as one of the products to review. But after more consideration, I decided that being confined to a short time frame, having to try and review materials by a deadline (usually within 6 weeks) was not the best plan for our family. Since we use unit studies-primarily, I really did not want to have to worry about reviewing a lot of different types of products that might be different from our current style. What can I say, once I find something that works well with me, I really like to stick with it.
Anyway, we will be using it now, and I will let you know what I think.

I already took a little time to look the unit over. It is really laid out great. I am not sure how many weeks we will spend on it. It is set up as a complete study for one week. (So if you were just doing this study for one week, it would incorporate all your main subjects. )

Of course, I am one of those people that always ends up dragging things out and making them last longer. So we will just take it day by day. I would estimate 2-3 weeks. I would say that there are many great resources here in this unit. Much more than GTG gives. She also includes many videos and websites that you can simply link to by a click. (Very easy, I like easy. ) I did have a hard time locating some of the books, my library did not have but about 1 out of 4 of the recommended books. I did get those, and of course I just searched my library for other books that would cover the same topics. I also have various resources of my own, due to using GTG this year. Another thing I really like is that there are many lapbooking components already included. Normally If I use GTG I have to go to Homeschoolshare to get my lapbook stuff.
(Which I appreciate, but it is really nice just having it all in one place.)