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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Girls Day Out

Willow Tree Figurine  Mother & Daughter

It has been almost a year since Lexi and I had a whole day out to ourselves.
At first I really had just thought about going by myself.
I needed to go get the Bible Study books for our church's Daniel
Bible Study. I thought I would just run by Hobby Lobby too.

But the more I thought about it I thought I should take Lexi.
I am glad I did. Dad gave her $3.00 to spend today.
We started out with a quick stop at the local thrift, which turned into more
than an hour. Then we headed off to the nearby LifeWay Christian Store.
I was able to get the books I needed and she picked out a devotional she wanted.

The Christian Girl's Guide to Being Your Best

We then went to IHop to eat. She was delighted to go somewhere else
(Besides Chic-Fil-A, which is where I wanted to go.)
She ordered a winking pancake. (Go figure). I ordered off the fit line menu -yeah right.
If it is under 600 calories it is considered on the healthy and fit line. (The cheese blintz-ain't on it. ) I almost fell over when I had the lady bring me the calorie details. 1000 calories without the strawberry syrup. Geez!

So after eating. We went to the Dollar store. There we found some really
cool vinyl wall clings for her room. Some have flowers and others had
peace signs with animals. I even managed to come home with a nice
one too for over my scrapbook frame. I was able to get the kids each a story
starter book and something to help with our upcoming anatomy study!
I love when I find good deals!

Then we went to Ross. Where I was able to get a few scrap booking items on sale!
Next was Hobby Lobby, where we got a few other things for her room.
Simple things like switch plate covers, wall decor she can hang necklaces on and a
cross for her room. And of course I got a few things like stamps and adhesive.

She liked just hanging out, chatting and shopping, and being
out of the house. (We have been cooped up a lot lately because of the weather, and when
we are at home everyone seems to have stuff to do to keep themselves occupied.)
So having me all to herself meant a lot too!

She said she thought this year was better than last year, and she had way more fun this time.
(Last year we did a movie, dinner and ice cream.)

So hopefully it won't be another year before we do it again.