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Friday, January 7, 2011

Goals for 2011

I usually set goals each semester for our homeschool. It has been a while since I set personal goals, I guess they have been more like resolutions and I have failed pretty miserably in actually obtaining them.

Nevertheless, it is time to prayerfully consider this year. What I feel I can do, and what I feel that I can only accomplish with God's help.

I have to admit that I have recently suffered from Homeschool Burnout. When my son was younger I was very excited about all the different ways we could explore learning. We started out doing unit studies, alot of hands on activities, and lapbooking. We used FIAR and Homeschoolshare unit studies as a core for most of our homeschooling journey. My daughter really likes learning from literature. My son, well what can I say, he is pretty resistant to any of my attempts to make learning more fun. So this year has been harder for me. I want to do fun explorations of countries and cultures and no matter what he just doesn't seem to want to learn about any of it. His lack of enthusiasm has really put a damper on planning, goals, and just my overall drive.

So a few goals this year are to:

*Spend more time with God in prayer, Bible reading, and character building.

*Have times of fasting. (Food, Media, are the top two that come to mind.)

*Exercise more

*Try to eat healthier

*Be more consistent in devotional time

*Spend more time on guitar/violin. (That won't be hard,
since I hardly spent any time last year on it.)

*Work on strengthening and growing new relationships.

*Be more consistent in school planning/carrying out the plan.

*Give Peyton more opportunities for individual research projects.

*Make Lexi read more out loud to me.

*Blog more often.

*Take more every day moment pictures.

*Explore nature more.

So right now I have the main goals for my year listed.
I will have to break these down with planning on how to actually implement
them all. Most of these goals will require a short term goal/plan in order to accomplish them.