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Monday, January 31, 2011

Human Anatomy lesson 1 continued

More notebooking pages from lesson 1. So just to clarify things. Lesson 1 is chapter 1.
And chapter 1 takes 2 weeks for us to get through. So if you see several posts stating
lesson1, that is why. We learn a little each day and journal or do experiments about
what we learn.

Here is Peyton's Journal
The Egyptians dissected and mummified bodies.
The Hebrews: God said don't eat pigs.
Greeks: Greeks put leeches on people.

Romans: Used clean rags with wine to kill germs.
Europeans: Antony van Leeuwenhoek found that glass lenses could magnify.
Microscope: Robert Hook invented the compound microscope and could see cells.
Lexi's pages.
Hebrews: Don't eat pigs, wash often!

Peyton working on his drawing of the cell.
Lexi's drawing.
Peyton's cell anatomy page.
What do I remember Q/A.
Cell Minibook