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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Human Anatomy Unit Lesson 1

Today we began reading Lesson 1. We read that Anatomy is the study of the human
body and it's parts, and that Physiology is the study of how the parts work together
to carry oxygen to the body.

We read about Ancient Egyptians.
We learned that they knew a lot about
the body. They could do surgeries, dissect bodies
and use chemicals to preserve them from rotting and decaying.

This was our first (Try this) experiment.
We used 2 peeled apples.
We combined baking soda and salt and poured
it over 1 apple in a bowl. The other apple we put in a bowl and left alone.
Then we tried to put them somewhere out of the way.
We will look at them again in a week to see what happened.

Lexi's notebooking journal. A picture she colored.

Her notes on Anatomy and Physiology and what they mean.
Peyton's journal. Putting it in as few words as possible.
Great that we have all this notebooking space huh?

Here is ds journal after he was told to go back and add more info to it. I didn't feel
that he had done the assignment with excellence. So after dad and I talked it over with
him we decided he needed to add to it. Dad told him if he did not want to draw
that was fine he could cut magazine pics out. So I think I have set the standard.
If it is a large notebooking page, get creative on filling it up!