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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Human Anatomy Unit

Well I am so excited. My books came today from CBD. So I got to look over the first
chapter of our new science study. As I mentioned in my previous post, I decided to get
both notebooking journals to go along with the study. Now there are many lapbooks
already available free in different places. I saw a couple yesterday that were human body
related for Magic Tree House Books, and I had a couple others book marked.
I printed my own stuff out with the last Apologia study we did (Flying Creatures, Zoo 1).

But, having something already printed that corresponded perfectly just took all the guess
work out of it. She also includes a schedule of what to read, what to journal etc.
So I decided it was well worth my time, energy and printing costs to just
order these, and have them ready to go. Now that I have had a chance to really look
them over I am so glad I did. When you spend this kind of time on a subject it is nice for the
kids to really have something to look back at and see all they have learned.

Both of the journals are spiral bound. So no worrying with file folder type
lapbooks. I got the Junior Journal for Lexi. It also has notebooking areas.
The copy work is not as long as in the regular journal, there are coloring pages, which the
regular journal does not include. (She probably is beyond caring to color, but that is okay.)
I think it will be more suitable for her, and won't stress her out.

If you look at this picture you can see it better. The journal is just as
thick as the book. So you really get a lot for your money here.
Also the mini books are in color which is really nice.

This is the regular journal I got for Peyton. It contains similar things for notebooking.
The copy work is longer, and he has crossword puzzles, and some Q/A pages to fill out.