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Friday, January 21, 2011

Love is .....Challenge

The Valentine Challenge got me thinking about our whole family and how the kids and I can all work on learning what Love is and showing it. So during the next few weeks we will be going over 1 Corinthians 13. Ever day we will add another part of the love a heart and put it on our heart garland on the mantle.

So yesterday we did Love is......Patient. (And through the day we talked about how we could be more patient, and about why we get impatient. ) Mainly because we are consumed with what we want or want done. We don't want to put others before ourselves. I discussed how I felt impatient waiting behind a slow driver. (Even though we were not in a hurry.) I did not want to be held back from my task.

The KJV says Love Suffers Long. (That actually even goes further than patience.) But it has the idea that it can wait a long time.....

Today our heart was Love is Kind, so we have expounded on this. (And we have said both of them several times. ) Just a few minutes ago at the store I said Love is.....? and had the kids fill in the answers they have learned.