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Monday, January 31, 2011

Story Starters

Today Lexi did not feel well. Peyton was tired from staying up late with Gary and Me
last night watching Eragon. So I decided to make it a light day of work.

First we did our devotions, then we read through our Human Anatomy book and
did the notebooking pages on the cell. Then I assigned them each one story.
I told them when they finished they were done for the day. Talk about getting
some a completed page done quickly. (That was the incentive.) So from now on
writing is the last subject of the day!

I didn't correct spelling, but did critique punctuation and
capitalization on Lexi's paper.

The caption at the top read What if a cat could read? She couldn't come up
with anything. So I personalized it and told her to mark that out and put Dixie
(Her dog's name in.)
Here is what she wrote:
I would make her read to me everyday. Then I would put her on TV and make her a superstar. She would read her ABC's and my magazines, and the Magic Tree House" Moonlight on the Magic Flute", a chapter a day. I love when Dixie learned how to read,
and I love Dixie. The End.

Peyton's caption was: How would a dog make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Here is what he wrote:
First, the dog would grab a leg of a chair and pull it so she would be able to reach the bread.
Then she would get the peanut butter and jelly. Next, she would spread the peanut butter and jelly onto the bread with her tongue and share it with me and Lexi and we would get sick.
The End.