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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Test phone blogging

I just found out I could send blog updates straight from my phone! Yeah!
Well I am saying Yeah, because I have a Straight Talk Phone. (And I really didn't expect so much. I didn't want to pay those high phone prices. So when my contract ran out, I opted to buy a $99.00 Straight Talk phone and get on a plan for $30.00 a month. I get the same coverage as my husband, who has Verizon. (Since ST uses Verizon towers.)
I am very happy with the what I get for the price.
I love that I can update Facebook and my blog from my phone!

My old phone through ATT had no txt, or internet and only 1500 minutes (nationwide) and I was paying about $60.00 a month. Now I have nationwide coverage, 1000 voice minutes, 1000 txt messages, and unlimited internet browsing. (Keep in mind this is not a smart phone.) This phone doesn't replace the capabilities of an iphone, blackberry or droid.

They also have an unlimited plan for $45.00 a month for those that need unlimited time.
(And no one is giving me anything to say this.) I just want
people to know it is available for those of you that want to try to save money, but
still have great mobile access.

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