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Friday, January 21, 2011

Valentine Challenge Day 3

Day Three:
" suffers long, and is kind..." 1 Cor. 13:4
(Well that goes great with what the kids and I have been doing in our Love is.. Challenge.)

Today I am continuing on with the challenge.

Gary got up early with Peyton this morning so he could take him to his
Basket Ball game. (He has really been great about this. )
Lexi and I showed up right before the game began.
After the game Lexi and I went to Walmart for a few things.
Gary ran by a tackle shop and then dropped by to get flea stuff
for the dogs for me. (I really appreciated the favor.)

So for lunch I made us a late breakfast. Peyton love biscuits
and gravy and would almost give up basketball altogether
just to have them on Saturday mornings. So he was really sad when I said
I would not make them at 7 am. (Since I didn't even get up till almost 7:30.)
So I surprised him when we got home. Gary got his eggs, and bacon.
Peyton got his biscuits and gravy, And lunch is done. I can rest until dinner time.
"Yeah right!"

So now I am onto daily errands around the house.
Laundry, making brownies for a ladies luncheon tomorrow and of
course another batch for the family. (Lest I never hear the end of it.)

Then hopefully a little time in my craft room later today.