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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Word of the Year Attitude

Well I got the book. The one I mentioned before. Lord Change My Attitude (Before it's too late.)
Lord, Change My Attitude: Before Its Too Late

I haven't gotten far into it yet,
I am really not a fast reader.
Mainly because I am always into too many books at once.
I am still trying to finish a book from last year
that our Pastor went through.
(Experiencing God.) Yeah well I am still Experiencing it!

I am also trying to do a Beth Moore Daniel study (which requires homework)
and am about to read a book on how to fix my kids-but It only
takes 5 days for that. (Have A New Kid in 5 Days. )
But I am not complaining, just giving all my excuses. ;)

So once I get my attitude fixed and
my kids fixed, well then my husband will be happier because
we will all be great to be around. Yeah!

So anyway back to the subject.
I have to admit that after reading the invitation in the book I
was pleasantly surprised. He begins to ask the reader how they managed to get the book.

1. Did I pick it up myself thinking it would help?
2. Did I get it as a gift from someone? Would they be
trying to tell me my attitude stinks? (Paraphrased.)
3. Maybe my pastor gave it to me. (OK that really would stink.)

I just finished The Bait of Satan Bible study on offense this past December.
So, I would have to tell you that if any of those had happened besides
number 1, well I would need to be back in that don't get offended study.
Thankfully I knew I needed the check up before someone else had to tell me.
(So maybe they were all praying silently for me, who knows. ) Hee hee.

Just a couple notes that really stuck out today.
Attitudes are patterns of thinking formed over long periods of time.
(It's the way you look at life.) We all have them, some are good,
others aren't . But hey we all struggle at times.

You cannot change your attitudes in a few minutes, But you can
admit the wrong ones and begin to start working on the right ones.

He uses the children of Israel as an example. Why they ended up in the desert
for 40 more years, instead of entering the promised land. Why they
actually died in the wilderness and He refused to let them enter in,
but instead let their children enter. It was because of their bad
attitudes, their murmuring, and complaining, their doubt, their rebellion.

So the effort is to leave wilderness attitudes behind, and replace them with Promised Land attitudes. These are the attitudes that allow us to enter in to (joy, peace, His presence, His goodness, His faithfulness, His comfort, and on and on.)