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Friday, February 18, 2011

Anatomy Lesson 2 The Skeletal System

Here are some pictures of our week with Anatomy Lesson 2 The Skeletal System.
I am learning so much and I must say the more I learn the more I am in AWE of our
Father and Creator God! He is so incredibly awesome!
We are truly, fearfully and wonderfully made!

Playing Operation just for fun.

Extra book reads this week. The kids loved "Dem Bones" It is in song style. Great
pictures too. In the book :The Headbone is connected to the Neck Bone, we learned about
the elephant man. They mention that from his bones they were able to tell that he did not
have Elephantitis as originally thought, but instead another rare disease.
They really thought it was sad how he was treated etc.
Some of our lapbook/notebook components from the week.
Lexi's mini book.

Naming some bones, Lexi's Jr. Anatomy Journal.
Ds' copywork.
DS labeling the skeleton.
Ds written narration.
Adding the bones to the Person Project.
Dd's Written narration.