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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Austria Study and Lapbook

We began our Austria Study last week. The first book we read was Mozart Makes a Melody.
We learned more about his life. The 2nd book was Beethoven lives Upstairs. (We enjoyed both of them.) We did not do the full units on the books, we just learned a few facts about Austria and those 2 composers. There are free units and lapbook components available at
Mozart Finds a Melody

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The kids are reading through Magic Tree House "Moonlight On a Magic Flute"

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Today we began reading The Night Crossing. The kids really liked it and urged me to keep reading. So we read 1/2 the book. I expect we will finish tomorrow.
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This was our lapbook/notebooking.

Tomorrow we will also watch the Sound of Music.

I really like The Night Crossing, it is short and it sets up
the scene for the children to understand what happed during
the reign of Hitler. We discussed some of it today, and I referred to the
movie and the elements of it that discussed Hitler and his regime.