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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Changing course a little

I have been using an eclectic mix of homeschooling materials. My favorites so far have been Math U See.
It is something I have been able to use every year consistently. It works for me and for my children.

I have struggled with Language Arts programs. I tried Lifepacs in the past. Then we tried not doing a formal curriculum. (Just using Unit studies from FIAR and HSS.) But I always felt it wasn't enough.

So this year I went back to Lifepacs. Today I decided to drop them for dd once again. Her latest spelling list looks like this:


Now I am sure they have a reason for this list. The do mention that some of the words are irregular vowel sounds.
But I really would prefer not mixing up all the oo sounds. Teaching them together would just make more sense to me. Teaching hook, look, book, nook, foot, cook etc. (At least all the sounds are the same.)

So I pulled out Phonics Pathways. I will see where she is at in this book, and also begin some sight words with her.
We will pull out our spelling tiles and begin there. She will work on cursive, and some minor copywork.

I am going to begin to try to go a little more into a Charlotte Mason type of schooling. At least as I understand it.
Reading and narrating, copywork, dictation etc.