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Friday, February 25, 2011

Copywork, and spelling

I ran across this website and am using it for copywork and also for spelling words.
I am also using Phonics pathways and another website for phonics instruction.
I wanted to take a different approach rather than just random word lists.
So we will pay attention to phonics rules and work on words that correlate to her reader as well.

This week dd will be working on ai/ a silent 2 homonyms and will continue working on
Dolch Site words book.

I made one cursive page with the words.
sale, sail
pale, pail
tale, tail
made, maid
pane, pain
pale, pail

The first day I read the words to her and explained each word. Then I had her trace them.
2nd day (I made a sentence with each word so that it was placed in context.) She traced them.
3rd day She will draw a picture of each word, and write the sentence below the traced sentence.
day 4 She will retrace the words, and I will drill her a bit on the spellings.

We are also going over sight word list 3. She was able to read them all, she missed spelling 4 of them, so we will keep going over them until she has mastered them.

She traced each word twice, and wrote it once. All on different days.

She traced 1/2 of the sentences one day. The other half the next day.
Then another day she copied half of the sentences, and the last day she copied the other half.
As she copied sentences she drew a picture of the word. So when she wrote the sentence
for sail. She would draw a picture above that word. This way it would correlate in her mind.

I am happy to say that today she aced the spelling quiz,
and was able to spell all the words correctly.