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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Germany -Learning about Einstein and Fairy Tales

As part of our study on Germany, I thought it
was a great time to learn a little about Albert Einstein.

We read these two books about Einstein.
We learned a little about his childhood and life.

DD colored the flag of Germany.

Ds did the map work.
The foods of Germany, mini books on Albert's childhood and
his theory of relativity.
Mini book of Customs that came from Germany
3 B's- Bach, Brahm and Beethoven and notes
on Einstein's accomplishments.
Dd's drawing of a Birthday Cake and Christmas Tree-customs
that came from Germany.
DD's drawing of Albert.
I can hear her now telling her brother "Don't act like
Einstein." when he is mean to her. lol
We finished up today by reading Hansel and Gretal and
The Seven Swans, the first we were familiar with, but
I had never heard the second one before.