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Friday, February 18, 2011


Here are the books I got for our Germany study.

We will be exploring some of the Grimm Brothers Fairy Tales.

I even got Grimms Complete Fairy Tales. I cannot believe how many there are.
730 pages worth and most I have never even heard of.
In fact I think I could only recognize about 6 of them.
See how thick it is. Guess we won't be reading all this.
Also the illustrations in this book are lacking. I must say
that even I prefer an excellently illustrated book.
I did also notice some differences. I ordered some of
the re-tellings and they even changed the night chant of
Rumpelstillskin. There were other slight variations too.
So the children were able to see both and analyze them.
They both preferred the new, better illustrated story.

We read "The Gift", a nice book about a girl who is given a 5 piece for Hanukkuh
and she decides to give it to a homeless musician instead of spending it on herself.

We learned today about the 3 B's of Germany.
The Famous Musicians-
"Bach, Beethoven and Brahms."
We will be reading more about Bach.
(We did Beethoven during our Austria study.)

And we will be learning about Albert Einstein.

I will also have "Odd Boy Out"-another book
about the life of Einstein.
This will be a great tie in, because the other day
some older kid (Youth) told ds he was a genius.
Ds has been bragging all week about the fact that
an older boy said he was a genius.