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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Human Anatomy lesson 1 part 3

I made up some vocabulary matching cards. In the lesson a cell was compared to a city.
A lysome was compared to a policemen who allows things in and out of the city.
The mitochondria were compared to power plants that provide energy to the city.
The nucleous was referred to as the government etc.
So I pulled down some clip art and made these to match. I thought this would really
help the kids better understand the concepts.

A week ago we performed this experiment on an apple.
(It is supposed to simulate preserving
like the ancient Egyptians did.)

We mixed salt and baking soda and covered one apple. We left the other one out uncovered.

Here is what the apples looked like 1 week later. The one in the soda and salt
was much darker in appearance. They were both about the same texture. Kind of soft.

But this is how they looked inside. The apple that was not in the soda and salt
had begun to rot inside. The other one had no rotting.

Lexi's anatomy project journaling.