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Monday, February 7, 2011

Human Anatomy Lesson 1 Group Activity

Today we met for our first Anatomy group activity.

Ms. Lisa started out with a visual from Janice Van Cleave's book Human Anamoty.
She brought bags with jello. The bags represent the cell. The bag is the cell wall,
the jello represents the cytoplasm, and the grapes represent the nucleus.
Each child inserted the grape into the jello bag.

She talked about how we start out as a single cell
and the cells divide. At about 200 cells our human form

Next we learned more about Galen the scientist who first used
lenses to see smaller microbes.
Then I discussed DNA. We learned that DNA lives in the nucleus, and that some chemicals are paired. We did this edible DNA project as hands on, and we colored in a DNA worksheet.
We made sure that in our model the DNA was paired correctly.

Then we twisted them to form a double helix. We talked about how this sets
our DNA code and that everyone's is different except for identical twins.
This code tells what color hair, skin, eyes, and many other traits will be.

We watched a movie "Eyewitness The Human Machine."
Then we did another experiment. We mixed together beans and salt, and poured them through
a colander to illustrate how a cell allows some things to pass through but not other things.
(Janice Van Cleave's book.)

The kids had a good time and we all learned a lot in this lesson.