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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Human Anatomy Lesson 2 The Skeletal System

Our 2nd group learning adventure in Human Anatomy.
For our Skeletal System Study we played Simon Says
"Touch your _______ bone."

We went through the different bones we learned.

Then we did one of the "Try This" lessons from the week.
Each child made one clay person.

One adult (Me) decided to get in on the fun.

We tried to make them stand up, but they couldn't. Just like

we couldn't if we did not have bones.
With toothpicks added. The clay figure has more form and can stand easier.
Well it needed a little help to stay up.
This one stayed standing about 10 seconds.
This one had many back reinforcements, even with the toothpics added.
This one was doing the splits. (Can you tell a gymnast made it?)
So today I had dd and ds record what they did and what they learned.
Ds said he learned "Toothpicks make pretty good bones for clay people."

Dd said she learned that "toothpick bones break much easier than real human bones.)