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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Singapore Math

Here were a couple math problems Peyton had today. Care to take a swing at em?
This is 5th grade, word problems. (Using Bar graphs.) A new concept we just learned about
this year. I have to admit I am learning alot. (I really don't like math.) Not sure when I would need
to know this in real life. (I guess if I was trying to see if someone was cheating me or maybe a company.) Of course I realize that the purpose is to make kids think.

Tyrone bought a bag of marbles. 1/4 were blue. 1/8 were green and 1/5 of the remainder were yellow. If there were 24 yellow marbles, how many marbles did he buy?

Here is another.

Jeff gave 1/4 of a sum of money to his wife. Then he divided the remainder equally among his 4 children.
(a) what fraction of the sum of money did each child receive?
(b) If each child received $600.00 find the sum of money.