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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Update-What we are doing, What's working well

What is working well for us:

On Monday mornings we now clean first thing. Our chores for Monday are:
Dust, Vacuum and Mop. We can usually have all this done by 10:30
So we follow with a lighter day of school. Usually reading either science or history and some notebooking.

Daily singing and devotions and prayer time.

Frogs in Pharoah's Bed -We are using this as a daily devotional. The kids like it and are interested each day.

For Lexi -
Language Arts and Spelling I haven't completely dropped lifepacs. (But I have cut out the spelling assignments.) I am using Sight Words and Phonics Pathways, along with That resource sight. They have spelling lists, so I look over lists where she needs to work and we work on that.

Copywork-We do various things during the week, it might be a poem, a spelling list, spelling sentences, etc.

Math-She is on lesson 20 in MUS Gamma and we are doing matching cards too.

For Peyton
He is still using LifePacs (He does well in them, and I am not changing again this year. )
I do expect to change next year though.

For Math-I gave him the Epsilon placement test to see how much he has learned this year.
(We have been using Singapore and a Comprehensive book.) He made an 84. So he can go on to Zeta, but I want to spend the next few months continuing to cover fractions. So he understands them better.

We are on Lesson 2 of Anatomy this week and covering bones.

I am going to try changing things for a few weeks to see how I like it.
We normally try to cover both history and science in the same week, And then I have to stop one for a few days and then pick it back up. I don't really like starting and stopping things, and feel the kids forget what we were learning.

So now we will have one week of science and then follow with a week of History. I am hoping that maybe I can combine units and still do the same countries I had planned, but I may end up having to drop some. (In Europe we can just hit the highlights and not go real in depth for
so many countries.)