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Friday, February 11, 2011

Weekly Wrap Up

We finished our 1 Corinthians "Love Is" garland this morning. We have parts of
it memorized. So each day we let everyone try to see how far they can get before missing one
of the parts. (In order of course.) We will be leaving it up until we have it memorized.

I wish I could say that we will leave it up until we are able to flesh it out. It would be nice
to really be able to live this every day! Of course getting the scripture into our minds and hearts is the first step.

For Science:
We are still working on Lesson 2 of Anatomy and Physiology. (LOVE IT.)
We watched the Magic School Bus Human Body.

For History:

We have learned much about France this week, read a few fun books on France and took a side trip with Robin Hood. We watched 2 missionary (Torchlighter videos this week: John Bunyan and William Tyndale.)

For Spelling:
Peyton is working on homonyms.
Lexi is working on Dolch Site Words which we just began today. She read through list 1 today, and can spell most. We will continue those next week.

For Grammar:
Peyton has been working on learning about topic sentences, and supporting details.
Lexi worked in a book called Marching Along. (1 exercise a day.) This gets her reading aloud and
adding in some words like could, should, would, etc.

They are also still working on cursive, a little almost every day.

For Math :

Peyon is reviewing frations, mixed numbers, addition, subtraction and multiplication.

Lexi is working on 8 X tables. Today I took some index cards and divided them in 1/2.
Then I wrote the time table on 1 card and the answer on another, and had her match them up.
I plan to go back and do this for all the tables until I am sure she knows them well.

I have been working on:

Learning more about the CM education philosophy, trying to understand how to make our
homeschool a more relaxed, fun, enjoyable, adventurous environment.

I am on Lesson 4 of Beth Moore study Daniel.

I am also trying to gather information on what to curriculum, goals etc. to get for next fall.
I also need to start considering more about what we will do this summer. We will be taking a break, and probably going to 2-3 days a week. I know we will continue our Anatomy study.
(Not sure what else though.)