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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Weekly Wrap Up

This week was rough, I did not feel well due to a sinus infection. Last Friday night my
throat started hurting. I was real stuffy that night, the next morning, my voice was gone.
My throat was hurting a lot and I continued to be stuffy and just exhausted.
This kept on until Tuesday morning when I woke up and my glands under my jaw were
swollen to golf ball size. (No kidding.) I called and made an appointment to see the Dr.

She prescribed Amoxicillin and a nasal spray (steriod). Wednesday morning I was feeling
better. Even though I was still very tired. Today was better, and I am not as tired.

So it was hard doing read alouds, and well we just skipped singing. (The kids couldn't stand
even the thought of it.)

I was really hoping to feel better because there was so much I wanted to do with Germany.
Anyway we have really enjoyed our week learning about the country, the people, the food, etc.

Lexi completed MUS lesson 21, she did the review test 1-20. She is also working on x tables in general-before we move on.
She has been working on some homonym spelling words. She wrote the words, drew pictures of them, and copied sentences with them.
She is working on Sight Words list 3. She can read them, we are working on spelling them all.
She is on lesson 3 in her reader.

Peyton is:
Working on Lifepac 505. This week has been analyzing the story "The Sword and the Stone".
Finding the main idea, making inferences, summarizing in a paragraph.
In math he has been reviewing fractions, multiplication and division.

Next week we will be study Anatomy the Muscular system