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Saturday, March 19, 2011

70 Calorie Iced Double Mocha Cappuccino

Yesterday I was looking at a recipe from Hungry Girl. If you have never heard of her. That is a website where you can find lower calorie alternatives. I have tried a few of their drinks, and well-I will pass. So, yesterday I got an email with some different coffee alternative recipes. One included instant coffee grounds, powdered creamer (Sugar free of course), Vanilla Almond Breeze (fake milk) and a sugar free low fat or fat free pudding pack, ice and water. (I don't know but the sounds of a pudding pack in the middle of my coffee wasn't real appetizing.) But of course the great part was it was only 158 calories.  So then I thought-"Wait a minute, my Double Mocha (Sugar Free) is only 50 calories per serving. And I have to add that no flavor is sacrificed at all in this. I absolutely love it and never can tell I am giving anything up. So I added a little ice, 8 oz. of half and half -FF(20 calories) and 2T of the double mocha mix. And I poured on a little FF Hershey's chocolate syrup with FF whipped topping on top.

I IMG_7170

Ingredients used. No hassle!


Well now if the chocolate chip cookies that followed would have been sugar and fat free it would have really been great. My motto is-save the calories when you can. So you can still have the items that don't save calories.