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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Around the house Spring Time

All around our house are signs of Spring. My tulips are budding, and about to bloom. These actually came as a gift from a family at our homeschool co-op. The bulbs were buried in the vase. When you are ready to force them to bloom, you just water them and give them light.



Buddy is enjoying the outdoors. I am hoping he will make it through to Next Spring. His health is beginning to deteriorate. He will be 13 in a few weeks.


Lexi taking Dixie on wagon rides down the hill. She says Dixie likes them, but I wonder.


I don't see the glee look in Dixie, but Lexi is making sure Dixie doesn't fly out.



Feeling good about the things I did manage to accomplish this week.


Making mental notes of the many other things I need to do around here for Spring. Much tree trimming, raking, mulching. Ripping out old flower beds and replacing another one in the back. We also hope to add border rock to the front. (This is a flower bed here with the bird bath.) It is just covered in leaves, so you cannot see it.


Gary, paying attention to what is most important of course. Cleaning his boat for the fishing tournament tommorrow.


I always wonder why he does the big clean now. I mean it is just going back out on the lake tomorrow.


The lake inviting and calling for Spring Fisherman to come!