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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Curriculum and books for sale.

Here is what I still have available. I also added a few items to the list.

New Items

Teaching Your Children -Lopez (A Curriculum Guide to what children need to know at each level through 6th grade.)  $5.00

Teach Your Own -John Holt  $10.00

Books for girls

The Christian Girls Guide to Being Your best  $5.00

The Beauty Book It's a God Thing (The Lily Series)  $4.00

The It's MY Life Book it's a God Thing. (Young Women of Faith) $4.00

Millie's Unsettled Season Book One (Life of Faith) -Finley  $5.00

Dinosaur Lapbook from Live and Learn Press  -Cover looks different (For Elementary level students.) $6.00

Other Things

Weaver Curriculum Lot- includes Volume 1, Day by Day, Wisdom Words, Penmanship to Praise and the lessons audio cassette tape. The materials are used. It does have some highlighting. (A little) and some pages were re-copied because they came loose from the 3 ring binder.

All pages are 3 hole punched.
I am asking $65.00 for all. $75.00 if I have to ship it.

Misc. I have included links so you can view the books.
The Big Tennessee Reproducible Activity Book $6.00

WWJD for Kidz $4.00

What’s Inside You? Usborne Starting Point Science $2.00

Sign Language for Everyone -Cathy Rice $7.00

First Comes Love –Jennifer Davis $2.00

To Everything There is a Season –Leo and Diane Dillon $4.00

Roger The Jolly Pirate (HB)–Brett Helquist $3.00

Best of All –Max Lucado $3.00

Genesis for Kids Science Experiments that show God’s power in Creation $3.00

I wonder why Kangaroos have Pouches and other questions about baby animals. (HB) $2.00

I wonder why Soap Makes Bubbles and other questions about science (HB) $3.00

I wonder why Triceratops Have Horns and other questions about dinosaurs. $3.00