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Monday, March 14, 2011

Day 1 Spring Break (Uh I mean clean!)

So the kids informed me this morning that it did not feel like a break, when we began our day with cleaning. I told them there is a time to work and a time to play and work time is first.

So these are the things I managed to check off my list.
  • Clean the patio table, put it on Craigslist to sell. (Did it today, and it is sold and gone!)
  • Get all of Peyton's clothes out of his closet that no longer fits and give them to someone that could use them. (I have them bagged and ready for new homes.)
  • Wash the curtains in the living and dining room.
These are the things I did that were not on the list, but as you go you notice need to be done.
  • All kitchen chairs wiped down.
  • Kitchen cushions washed, dried and replaced.
  • Kitchen counters wiped down.
  • Glass doors cleaned.
  • Windows cleaned (Once I saw how dirty they were after removing the curtains.)
  • plants watered, good thing I have ivies.
Things I have added to the list.
  • Clean downstairs patio under deck.
  • Totally clean and straighten basement and craft room.
  • Order books for future units.
  • Go by library.

Here are the things still on my list to do this week.

  • Take my piles of books to McKays for credit and hopefully find some books I can use.
  • Plan for our last 9 weeks of school.
  • Continue looking into curriculum for next year.
  • Renew my drivers license.
  • Take Buddy to the vet.
  • Paint my wicker furniture-It is green and I want it to be black.
  • Go through Lexi's clothes, and donate ones she no longer needs. (Everything smaller than a 7-8). If you can use them let me know.
  • I need to shampoo the carpets, so it is on the plan.
  • Take the kids somewhere fun at least 2 afternoons.
  • Change my wooden kitchen calendar from February to March. (It is one of those puzzle types where you have to put all the wooden squares in the right place.) Heck I may just leave it and do it in April. Hee hee (But then my birthday would get missed!)
  • Continue doing all the daily things I normally do too like cooking, grocery shopping, cleaning, etc.
and now that it is 2:23 pm I think I need to grab a bite of lunch. lol