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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Day 3 Low Carb Diet

The last 2 days haven't been easy. I have been grumpy and very tired. Today I am feeling a little better, and I can tell that my sugar cravings are less than before. (I had about 5 oreos Sunday.)  I know that my sugar cravings have been out of control, lately.

Also Monday (On the new low carb diet) I know I consumed way over 1200 calories. Eating all the meat and cheese I could. Yesterday I stayed more in moderation coming in about 1350 calories.

(I am trying to follow the South Beach diet, but have made a couple modifications. Well 1-in that I did have a flour tortilla (A low carb one.)

Yesterday I had one of the Atkins Advantage Caramel Nut Bars. It was so good. I was shocked.(I have tried their yogurt and it was gross!.) I also got some shakes Chocolate Royal.

So hopefully this will help out when I am in a rush and also when I need a chocolate fix.

Also-drum roll.....\0/  I have lost 4.5 pounds. From the last time I weighed. Not from Monday.
It was probably about a week ago. But I really cannot imagine that I lost even 1 pound before this diet.

So today I weigh the least I have weighed all year. (I am encouraged to go on!)

Anyway we shall see. Next Wednesday will really tell me how I am doing.

I did have 1 low carb tortilla yesterday. It has 9 g carbs and 5 grams fiber. So if I understand correctly that is 4 net carbs.

I plan to stay on this regiment for 2 weeks, and then go into more of a phase 2 South Beach diet.