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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Doak House Museum Field Trip

Today we went on a Field Trip to the Doak House Museum in Greenville Tennessee.
We had a really great day. It was beautiful outside, we learned a lot. The kids had a lot of fun hands on activities, and we got to visit with some friends.

I took a ton of pictures, but I am leaving out
many just because It would take forever
to load them all.

A picture of our group. In the back is the Doak House-which
was part of Tusculum College.
Thaumatrope-this is a craft we made while we were there.
This is what it looks like finished. You twirl it and it looks like the fish is jumping
into the fish bowl. (The worlds' shortest cartoon.)
Here is dd working on hers.
The idea here was to make things that kids back in the 1850's would have used to play with.
This is sort of like a paper doll that is attached at the hands.
Ds did one of an Alien. (I think the reasoning was to get the boys to do it.)
He said the one with the big eye is the leader, the others are just the minions.
This was our guide and teacher.
Below is dd's paper doll craft.

Inside the house. I just loved the book cases.
In the Kitchen. We really learned
a lot here. Many days they would cook for 150 people-3 meals a day.
We even got to see some of the equipment and how it worked.
How they would swing out a bar with all the utensils on it, and
it had hangers that could be raised and lowered to put more
or less heat to the pot.
Some of the toys they would have played with back then.
A corn husk doll.

Building a marble run.