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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Fishing Club -1st Tournament Cherokee Lake

Many many years ago, before Gary and I were married. Gary fished tournaments. They met every month on different lakes in Texas. He really enjoyed it, and he did very well at it. He won Angler of the Year his last year in the club. Since we have been in Tennessee he never has been involved in fishing clubs or tournaments. Recently he and a friend, Scott decided to join a local club that competes on local lakes.

Today was their first day fishing in the club, and the tournament was on Lake Cherokee. Gary and Scott both had a fun day of fishing. They caught 16 fish, but rules state you can only bring in 5. Some were under limit too, and some were stripers (which they cannot keep.) Anyway, they brought in 17.5 pounds. Winning the tournament. They also got big small mouth and big largemouth. They won $425.00 to split between them. Scott actually landed the two big fish. Gary had a one just as large as Scott's but it got off while they were trying to bring it in. (While they were trying to get it in the net.) They still beat the competition by over 3.5 pounds.



                                        5 fish totaling 17.5 pounds.





A fun day of fishing, and some money to help pay for fuel and the next few tournaments entry fees.