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Monday, March 7, 2011

Grammar Punk For Sale


You may remember me ranting about a year ago about this fabulous new Grammar Curriculum I found. We used it at home a little and I also used it to teach a co-op class. Now that we are finished with it, I thought I would pass it on.

Here is the info. I will have to charge a little more to ship it. (It isn’t real heavy though) it probably would not run over $5.00.

$65.00 for the set.

You can go to the website to find out more.
You can even view videos on how it works.

This is the K-9 set. They have recently divided that into 2 different sets. So this can no longer be purchased from GP. It includes 3 sets of dice, the CD's for the TM, notebook pages, and even a Powerpoint presentation on how to teach/present each lesson.

It also includes a copy of the Teacher's manual in print that I have in a

This program is great for homeschool or for co-op use.