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Friday, March 18, 2011

Knowing Your Purpose


I have been reading through a wonderful Home-school book that a friend loaned me. The book has so much great advice. I wish I had read it when I began homeschooling. I know that it is great to re-read these kind of books even though I have been homeschooling my children now for 6 years. The book is called "Educating the Wholehearted Child" by Clay and Sally Clarkson.

Here are some notes from the book. The italicized portions are direct  or paraphrased quotes from the book.

As a Christian Home-schooling mother, we need to have a very clear sense of our purpose in life. Why are we doing what we are doing? Not just so we can defend our lifestyle, but to be able to better express it in our day to day lives. What you believe about God's design for mothers will determine how you live. Another thing I really took home from the women's weekend retreat was to ask God each day how to pray for our children. Praying for our family is one of our primary purposes.

Purpose -

  • To bring order to your home. We have a mandate from God to bring order to our homes. By God's design it is our primary domain of influence, and our calling is to bring all aspects of our home life-children, meals, decor, schedule, environment-into subjection to the design for living that God has revealed in His word. (And I would add, that God has laid on your our hearts for our families.) All families don't look alike, nor are their meals, diets, decor, schedules ,etc. all alike. We each, as mothers must seek God for his vision for our family.
  • To nurture our children. We have the God given ability to impart LIFE to our children. We can impart God-himself to them. The portion of God that lives in us will overflow to them. Thus the importance of spending time with God. We teach our children about God, they learn about faith and worship primarily at home, and the person they spend the most time with will have the most influence. (How I pray that I can be that influence for them.) Not only saying the words but living them before them. We instruct our children in biblical truth, character, discerning right from wrong. We also care for their basic needs.
  • To cultivate relationships. God has uniquely equipped women for relationship. Our children will learn how to love God and others primarily through us-as mothers. All ministry begins with a commitment to relationship that can be modeled in your home-through opening your home in hospitality, ministering to others in need, or even just through kindness shown in Christ's name.
  • To grow in maturity and obedience. Our example of being self-controlled, and pure, not only creates a pattern for our children to follow, but is also results in a home that is peaceful and Christ centered. A mother who, herself is growing in maturity and obedience will have a tremendous impact on her children. Our example of virtue will live on in our children and even in their children's children. (Wow, what a thought.)
  • To respect and help your husband. The Christian life is based on the principal of submission.-husbands to God, wives to husbands, children to parents, employees to employers, church members to church leaders, citizens to government. We show children what submission looks like when we live in submission to authority. Another thing I took away from the weekend retreat, was that the word "helper" in Genesis comes from the Greek word Azer. Azer is the word used for warrior or protector and is often used in reference to warring angels. So another vital part is to pray for our husbands, to lift them before God, to pray for their protection from the enemy and for their success-and to have our children see us daily doing so and be included in that time often.