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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Memorize in Minutes

I purchased this program about 6 months ago because dd was struggling so much trying to learn the times tables. She knows how to skip count, but that can still take too long when trying to do multiple digit multiplication. I looked it over and decided to give it a try. Once I got it, however, I read through a little with her and thought "Memorizing this would be longer than just learning to memorize the tables themselves." So I put it away.


After reading over some information the other day from Diane Craft about Right Brain Integration, I realized I was wrong. Just because it might be easier for me to memorize tables doesn't mean that is the best way for dd.

So we pulled it back out and started at the picture lessons. Today we went over what each picture stood for. Shoe is for 2. (It rhymes.) 3 is for Tree, 4 is for Door, etc. Not only do they look at the pictures, they repeat it to themselves, and then do motions. They touch their shoes for 2, act like a tree for 3 etc. So I can see how this would actually get into the brain easier. (I just wanted a faster way out.) Unfortunately, when I put it down I lost time, and now I have to go through it again. So we have set Gamma down for now, until we get through these lessons. 


After today's lesson of memorizing the numbers and the associated pictures. I had her draw them from memory. We will review them tomorrow and go onto the 2X table stories.


Here are what a couple of the 2x table stories look like. Each picture is associated with a story. So you read the story and the child remembers 2 X 2 =4 (Shoe times Shoe = floor.) Then once she has those down and can tell me the stories, she will draw those like she did in the page above.