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Monday, March 7, 2011

Miscellany Monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

1.  I started a low carb diet today. Ugh

2. I hate not eating carbs.

3. I think I am addicted to carbs.

4. I miss my morning cappuccino, and now drink coffee with stevia.

5. I am feeling real grouchy!

6. I really could use some chocolate!

7. I am exploring Homeschool Curriculum for next year. This is one I am currently looking at -America by Christian Novel Studies. It is a 2 year American History Unit Study.

8. This is another Unit Study I am looking into.  It is so hard to decide on curriculum. There are so many great resources out there. Finding the one that works best for our individual family is not always easy. One thing I really want to do this year, is have a gently flow. (Why change after so many years of FIAR unit studies.)

9. The kids went to Jr. Bible quiz on Saturday. Peyton got 2 ribbons. I will post the pics and info later.

10. This week we are finishing up our Europe Unit study.

11. Next week is Spring Break! Yeah, we can all use it!