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Thursday, March 17, 2011

My new Microwave Pizza Oven

Well I was not happy to discover my old microwave bit the dust. One morning it worked just fine and heated my morning water for coffee. The next time I tried to heat something, it was dead. So then I went on a search for a new microwave. I also had purchased a thrift store toaster oven to see if I would actually like and use one. After getting it I realized we used our oven much less, but it was small so we were limited in what we could use it for. Plus it smoked at times.

I spent a few days looking at different microwave options. I really wanted to put one over my oven in order to clear my counters. The issue is that I have a vent-a hood over the stove now, and the cabinets would have to be cut down over the stove in order to fit a microwave. We really were not willing to do any remodeling at this point, so I kept my search limited to counter top models.

I searched Wal-Mart, Lowes, Home Depot, and Sears. Sears is where I ran across this Kenmore Microwave Pizza Oven. I read over all the reviews, and people that purchased this were ranting and raving over how much they loved it. How they rarely used their big ovens any more and were saving money too on electricity.

So I sent dh to Sears to look it over. (Now it is larger than our old microwave, but I have been able to replace both the old microwave and toaster oven with this.) And I have to say I love it!



It has 4 Auto bake cycles, and then a manual bake. The Auto bake cycles are already set degrees for things like cookies, biscuits, brownies and pizzas. Here are some biscuits I made. (These were the frozen buttermilk biscuits from the store.) They baked up perfectly in a just a few minutes. (No preheating is required, which saves even more time and money.) My stove takes about 8-10 minutes to heat up to 350 degrees. (So these biscuits can be almost done baking in the time it would take my oven to heat up.


The drawer can be removed and is easy to clean because it is coated.


Ds' favorite breakfast is ready in a matter of minutes.


Now if the microwave could keep fingerprints off itself or wipe itself down that would be handy. But it is nice to have an appliance that makes the kids more independent in the cooking process.