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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Spring Break accomplishments

This was my list of things I hoped to accomplish over Spring Break week.

1. Clean the patio table, put it on Craigslist to sell. (Did it  and it is sold and gone!)

2. Get all of Peyton's clothes out of his closet that no longer fits and give them to someone that could use them. (I have them bagged and ready for new homes.)

3 Take my piles of books to McKays for credit and hopefully find some books I can use.  Got a $36.00 credit. I used it to purchase more books for our American History studies next year. (And still have about $17 left in credit to use.)

4. Plan for our last 9 weeks of school.

5. Continue looking into curriculum for next year. Well this is still in the works, but I do have it narrowed down. I will either use the America Unit Study from Christian Novel Studies-Or just piece together my own program.

6. Renew my drivers license.

7. Take Buddy to the vet. We are still waiting on this. His kidneys seem ok so I think he just ate something disagreeable. He is having a harder time breathing though. He is due to go in May or June. So we may put it off until then if we can.

8. Wash the curtains.

9. Paint my wicker furniture-It is green and I want it to be black. I did manage to clean the patio though.  I also need to cover the cushions. I just need to find a pattern that would allow me to take them off and on to wash.

10. Go through Lexi's clothes, and donate ones she no longer needs. (Everything smaller than a 7-8). If you can use them let me know. Hmm, I forgot about this one. I will save this for another week. She did manage to clean her room though.

11. I need to shampoo the carpets, so it is on the plan. I didn't manage to get them cleaned, but did get the shampoo from the Orek store.

12. Take the kids somewhere fun at least 2 afternoons. We did manage to go out one afternoon, and they had plenty of fun just hanging out at the house.

13. Change my wooden kitchen calendar from February to March



14. Continue doing all the daily things I normally do too like cooking, grocery shopping, cleaning, etc.

I also did some weeding, sprayed some of the onion grass with Weed B Gone, hoping it will kill it. I managed to list and sell some of the curriculum I no longer need. I also switched out my Winter clothes with Spring clothes. I try to limit my bedroom closet to the current season if possible. I left out a few sweaters in case it turns cold again.

I also managed a little time to relax. Truthfully, I really wish we could just take another week off, but if we did it would make us go longer into May and I really want to be done by May 20th. I will just slowly start to get the other things done little by little, and if they are not done by the time summer comes, I will do them then.