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Monday, March 28, 2011

Take My Heart from Acquire the Fire

Yesterday afternoon I was watching Perry Stone. I really love the knowledge and wisdom from the word that he shares. During the program break, they mentioned a book/DVD about spiritual war in the home, (called Purging Your House Pruning Your Family Tree) and one of them was how music can effect the spiritual nature of your home. Another thing that was mentioned (And I have heard before) was about breaking generational curses (depression, suicide, alcoholism and many other things get into a family and go on for generations or manage to plague many of the family members.) I believe that we are free from the curse (through Jesus' sacrifice on the cross for us) and that these can be broken. You can find out more at

So I decided we need to get back to more music (praise and worship) and less news especially in the mornings. So I just bring up my blog and hit play and I have a pre-arranged play list that I like.

Take My Heart lyrics
Lord I've come to abandon me
Take this life and make it Yours
No more running from my destiny
Draw me ever nearer to Your heart
Ever deeper to Your love.                                                                                                                                                                                                       Take my heart, take my soul
All that I have come to know
Take my plans, make them Yours
Let Your wisdom overflow
Take my life, take my will, take my world
Take me, Take me
Lord I've come to the end of me
In sweet surrender here I stand
Its Your spirit Lord that beckons me
Draw me ever nearer to Your heart
Ever deeper to Your love