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Friday, March 25, 2011

Weekly Wrap Up

  • This week we have been learning about the Digestive System.
  • We had a field trip today with our 4H Engineering Group-we learned about cranes and hoisting.
  • We did not get much done in LA or Math. Peyton is continuing Review and Lexi is on lesson 22.
  • Lexi is on Sight Word List 5 now. Peyton is in LA 506.
  • We spent one afternoon out with friends.
  • Dd had a friend stay overnight during the week, they had a great time.
  • Had a nice moms night out this week with other homeschool moms.
  • Our church craft day was Tuesday so I managed to get 3 pages scrapbooked.
  • I only have 2 more bible study classes and will finish my Daniel-Beth Moore Study.