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Monday, April 11, 2011

Anatomy Group Activities-Nutrition

Today we met for our group activities. The topic was Nutrition. We began with a dvd from Netflix called Food Safari. Then we did an experiment putting iodine on different foods to determine if it was a starch. If the spot turned dark it was, if not it wasn't. We tested bread, a cracker, a cheeto, a sweet potato, red potato, cheese, and a peanut. (The cheese and peanut were the only 2 that did not turn real dark.

We also did another experiment where butter was put in a cup, nail polish remover was added to show how the fat separates from the butter.


You can see how dark the spots show up on the starchy foods.


But it remains light on the cheese.


We also did a food pyramid activity. And wrote a menu of what we ate that day and how many of each category we had.


We had a build a pyramid activity too.