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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Great Deals on Books! Homeschooling on the cheap!

Well I just have to mention the great deals I have been managing to get. I am trying to collect books for next year's curriculum. We will be using Christian Novel Studies 2 Year American Unit Study. There is a list of books needed for readers. Many are available at the library, some are not and I have to purchase them. But I really wanted to collect as many as possible if I could do so affordably.

These are all pbswap books I obtained. (They were just for trade, no money exchanged.) Except for Sounding forth the trumpet for children and activity book-which I bought used for $4.00 at our co-op sale. (I just ended up putting them in the wrong picture.)

The two spelling books (Funtastic Spelling) are based on games. So I really look forward to using this along with the spelling in the unit study. Since you make word cards on Monday of each week, then you play games to reinforce learning to spell them. The Kids Learn Ameica, and Presidents Books are not required I just wanted them for reference, as well as the 50 states fandex.


These are items I obtained at the used curriculum sale last night. I actually got 3 levels of Hey Andrew Greek and 2 levels of Latin's not so tough. (She had levels 3 and 4 too.) I probably should of gotten them since they were only $2.00 each level. But I figure we have enough to get through right now. I got Peyton's Bible Study for next year for $5.00 and Lexi's was free.


These were McKay's books, just extra's I thought we might could use .I got these all for trade in credit. No out of money cost.


These were McKays books too. I got them all for trade, except for 3 I picked up yesterday, where I actually spent about $3.00 out of pocket.  These are all required readers in the two year unit study.


It is exciting to see how God answers prayers. Being able to exchange books I already had for books I need and getting great deals on things needed is a real blessing and helps to drop our overall homeschooling cost for next year.