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Saturday, April 16, 2011

My favorite season.

Well I know many people have a favorite season. But I really have to say that my favorite season is the season I am in. Whatever season it might be. I love them all. I am glad to see them all come, and go. I love the changing of the seasons. Which allow me to decorate differently. These changing seasons also bring about different family traditions and things we do to spend time together with family and friends. The Spring, Summer and Fall we spend much more time outdoors. Enjoying longer days and star lit nights. In the winter I enjoy retiring earlier, sitting by the fire, enjoying the quiet, a game with the kids. I am glad I live in an area where these changes come and go each year.

Here are some pictures of our yard/neighborhood that I have been enjoying this Spring.


Apple Trees in Bloom


Yellow pansies on my porch.


A cardinal eating under a feeder.


A Dogwood Tree in bloom.


Close up of the Dogwood


My Azalea starting to bloom.



My Eastern Snowball Tree these green balls will soon be huge white balls.


A purple pansy on my porch.


A RedBud tree in our yard.

 IMG_7371 IMG_7369



 IMG_7374 IMG_7375

My most favorite bush. I don't know the name.

IMG_7376 IMG_7377

Bleeding hearts


Close up of my favorite bush.

IMG_7379  pink purple

April Storm clouds.


And of course my little dog in the window, since the window is up. She whines to come out and play in the beautiful warm sunshine.