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Monday, April 25, 2011

Respiratory System Group Activities

This week we met for our Anatomy Group activities.

The first experiment we did was to each blow up a balloon as much as we could with one breath. Then we measured the balloon to see how big it got. It was a fun contest.


The next experiment, I took 2 glasses of water and dissolved a tums in each glass. Then we blew into one of the glasses with a straw. As the carbon monoxide mixed with the tums it made the water turn more white and chalky. (It wasn't a big difference, but was enough to notice.)


Then we did a little experiment to show that the nose, mouth, lungs and ears are all connected through tubes and cavities.

You can breathe in and out of your nose.

You can breath in your nose and out your mouth and vise versa.

You can breath in and out of your mouth.

You can breathe in your mouth and then swallow the breath.

You can hold your nose and swallow, (which will sort of pop your ears.)
Then you can yawn to make them un-pop.

After this we watched Rock N Learn DVD (Human Body ) We watched the respiratory system portion.