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Friday, May 13, 2011

Fast Changes

It always amazes me how much things can change so quickly. In just a few weeks we went from no leaves on trees, to plush trees. . The snowball bush I photographed just a few couple weeks ago went into full bloom and now the blooms are gone. Luckily I have the pics to remind me. 

When the snowballs were green.


In Full bloom.  Big Beautiful, white snowballs.


I cannot believe how big this Eastern Snowball Bush is. I bought in on sale one year and nursed it in the house all through the winter. In the Spring I transplanted it, and this is what it has become today.





My purple bush.  You can see more of the green leaves in early Spring.


Today even the leaves are purple.


I just had to capture some pictures of these toadstools. Which were not here 2 weeks ago. But the many rains have made them begin to grow.


Periwinkle Blooming.


My Azalea in full bloom. Now the blooms are gone.


A closer look.