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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Galloping the Globe and extras for sale.

Well we are finishing up this years studies, so I am ready to sell our Galloping the Globe Unit study curriculum. We had a great year traveling around the world learning about countries and cultures. I will sell as a set or individually. (Prices do not include media rate shipping, and I do take paypal.)  Most of these items are in new, gently used condition with no writing, etc. They were mostly all purchased new last fall.

This is the spine and would be used as the primary resource. It lists books, activities, people to study, maps, flags, and other fun activities. (I bought this new in the fall of 2010.) Galloping the Globe $12.00


Our Father's World -recommended resource. One page has small coloring on it, another page has 1 puzzle done in pencil. (All else is untouched.) $2.50


Missionary Stories with the Millers (recommended). $3.00

Adventures in Other Lands (Great to have, not recommended, tells stories of people, children living in other lands.) $1.00


Recommended for animal studies. Special Wonders of the Wild Kingdom $3.00


Windows to the World $8.00 (recommended) Great for adding Bible/Culture Study


Children Just Like Me (Hardback) $10.00 (recommended)


Trail Guide (recommended as additional more in depth -study ) $10.00. Notebook Cd $18.00


Not a recommended resource. But a great thing to have. This has been removed and placed in a protective sleeve binder. (For easy reproducing.)  $3.00


Each coloring page includes the country, the flag, the native costume and John 3:16 in the native language. My kids loved this.


Paper making machine. (Used with China study.) $3.00