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Friday, June 24, 2011

House Maintenance/Repair

We needed to paint the house this year. (And replace the gutters.) So this is a picture of the new paint colors. Last year, we got 3 new doors. They are almond colored, so I wanted the shutters to match. We went with a Creamy Beige color for the trim, and got new soffit under the eaves. I really like the lighter colors. The new gutters are not on yet. (We have had some roof damage due to hail and high wind, so we may have to replace our roof too.)

The old color was sort of a yellow/beige color and we painted the shutters maroon when we moved in. They had been teal green.



Now the main color of the A frame and trim is a light creamy beige. Not yellow. You can tell it is a brighter now.

The view from the road isn't good, because this Birch Tree is so full of leaves this year, you can hardly see the A frame.




We still need to add border rock to this front rock garden, and have a few other landscaping things we need to do. It does feel good to have this done, now. It is something we won't have to worry about again for a while.