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Friday, July 29, 2011

All systems go! Full Steam Ahead

Well it is that time of year again. Our calendar for the next few months is filling fast. We enjoyed a nice summer break of about 8 weeks. Monday we start back to our normal school routine.  Peyton begins football practice daily from 6-8 pm. Lexi is at cheer camp this week and will begin formal practices next week. (3 days a week.) Saturdays are getting filled with fishing tournaments, and in August the kids begin Saturday events as well as daily practice with Pee Wee football and cheer. (The football season won't end until late October or early November.)

Of course I knew this was coming. So I planned appropriately. The kids are only allowed the one activity in the fall. (Aside from church youth group events, and maybe a couple 4H projects.) This daily schedule keeps us busy enough through the fall months. We will get a little breather in Late August/Early September when we take our first fall break and have a couple weeks off from our school routine. But we won't get a break from our sports activities.